Hello Content Creator!

It’s time to ease your chaos, alleviate your fears of “breaking things”, get the courage to wrangle your WordPress content like a pro.

You know it could look better, right? You’ve pushed and pulled, dragged and dropped and somehow it still looks like a “crap show”. You are savvy enough to know it’s a no go, you just need some guidance to take it to pro.

Over the last decade I’ve helped many folks with their WordPress challenges and questions at WordCamps, in my WordPress Meetup, in One on One coaching sessions, in supermarket aisles. I love seeing that a-ha moment or a new sense of empowerment and excitement.

I want to help you stay up to speed with all of the moving parts, because folks… they are moving! WordPress updates nearly every month and the new block editor is getting better and better with each update. You can make beautiful things using that native block editor, even without a page builder.

And don’t get me started on the amazing feats you can accomplish with GenerateBlocks, my go-to third party block set. If you haven’t met them yet, I’ll introduce you!

Here’s an example of how just a few adjustments can create a more appealing reading experience for your site visitors.

See my Demo a Before and After. The block editor has come a long way since then!

If you are a DIYer or Virtual Assistant, you may be having challenges taking your skills to another level. Decked Out WP Content is especially for YOU!

Get your questions answered, get valuable tips and insights, short demos and practical knowledge you can put into place quickly. Be inspired, get empowered. Never fear the WordPress admin again! Learn in a fun and encouraging environment.

We meet for a Weekly Q and A ha session. And you’ll gain access to members only content to help you step out online in style.

And on top of that, I encourage you to be uniquely creative and authentic, to look a little deeper into why your are online in the first place! Because you can’t succeed online unless you’re aligned!

Will you join me in Decked Out WP Content?

Your challenges, your questions and your goals are the seeds from which a community of WordPress Geeks, Passionistas and Pros will continue to sprout!

Oh and did I mention I make it FUN?

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